Video Links

Look at What the Light Did Now

Watch the trailer for ‘Look At What the Light Did NowDirected by Anthony Seck, ‘a documentary about Feist and her collaborators’. It features interviews, imagery and live concert footage from the 2008 Feist Reminder Tour, Shadow Show.

The Living Lantern

Watch an edited version of The Living Lantern, (edited by Jon Durand, filmed by Anthony Seck) a performance by Clea Minaker and Leslie Feist, featuring the Living Lantern Choir and Shadow makers. It was performed at Theatre Outremont in March 2009, at the Montreal contemporary puppetry festival, Casteliers. The evening was entitled, “Les Brèves Allongées de Casteliers, Soirée Carte Blanche, La Marionnette en Musique”.



Rock The Belz

Watch ‘Rock the Belz’ by So-Called, a music video Directed by Kaveh Nabatian. Puppetry by Clea Minaker, Art Direction by Nicole Crouch, Paintings by Kate Lawrence (2008).


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