Past Projects 2003 – 2007

Immobilité, text by Sarah Fourage, performance by Clea Minaker

E.S.N.A.M, Charleville-Mézières, 3rd year solo, 2005


Immobile, (English version) performed at Rhubarb Festival of New Works, Buddies in Bad Times, Toronto. 2006


‘Oh! What a Feeling’ by Clea Minaker, music by Patrick Mcgee

Performed in 2006, 2007 at Red Festival (Toronto), Lunacy Cabaret (Toronto),

Puppets and Pancakes (Montreal), Café Concret (Montreal), Festival Casteliers (Montreal), Courtes Formes en Entrée, Theatre Incliné (Montreal).


‘Interieure’ by Maurice Maeterlinck, directed by Sylvie Baillon, Ches Panses Verts

Video creation by Clea Minaker and Eric Goulouzelle, 2005.


Les Septs Jours de Simon Labrosse, by Carole Frechette, directed by Clea Minaker

Performed at E.S.N.A.M, Charleville-Mézieres, 3rd year Directors’ Projects


‘La Vie C’Est de la M…!’ by Kathleen Fortin and Clea Minaker.

Performed at Le Carbaret du Festival Mondial de la Marionnette (Jonquière Qc), Les Barionnettes (Paris) 2005


‘Ciel’ by Clea Minaker. E.S.N.A.M, Charleville-Mézières,

2nd year solo project.


‘The Bridge of One Hair’ Directed by Faye Dupras, Jumblies Theatre (Ruth Howard), Worldstage Festival, Harbourfront Centre, Toronto.

Puppet and props by Clea Minaker. 2007.


‘Pulicinella et La Bête Transgénètique!’ by Clea Minaker

performed from 2003-2007.

One thought on “Past Projects 2003 – 2007

  1. Fabien Legay says:

    Ravis de voir que Pulcinella est toujours en vie…
    So long

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